About Kikioo

Kikioo is a London-based, award winning software company. We develop software technologies for Recruitment, Sales and Alternative Investment that allow companies to truly determine the value and direction of their operations, according to their corporate strategy. By leveraging LinkedIn Premium, Sales Nav and Recruiter, along with new disruptive techniques in social selling and recruitment, Kikioo is truly on the forefront of this wave of technology.

With the ability to plug directly into LinkedIn’s premium , Kikioo has created a model that also leverages bot programming and A.I. to drive your data models and data cleansing. We don’t just aspire to revolutionize and improve the way you recruit and sell using social networks, but we aim to drastically reduce the amount of time you spend doing it.

Working with some of the largest businesses in London and around the world – including large corporates, startups, financial institutions, and non-profits to hone their digital strategies we developed some of the most effective multi channel prospect generation systems in Europe.

While doing this, we noticed there was a distinct gap in the market – a tool that let us seamlessly integrate our email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns. Kikioo’s software applies the advanced methods of Email outreach in a Social media setting by sending large-scale, sequenced messages to targeted clients on LinkedIn.